The Amigo Workstation has been designed with robustness and 24/7 use in mind. The workstation is based on proven robotic sampler technology coupled with the industry standard Integrity 10™ reactor block. Amigo Chem has completed the workstation product by the addition of robust hardware and software that has passed extensive user evaluations.

Amigo Chem support

If you require support, please email [email protected]

Saves you money

Each system is supplied with a 2 year warranty. Consumable costs have been kept to a minimum by the use of standard vials and tubes. Also, the Amigo silicon rubber seal is used throughout the system to reduce inventory.

Maximises system up time

The robustness of the Amigo system has been maximised through design and rigorous testing. As the peltier devices used for cooling have a finite lifetime, the Integrity 10™ accepts pre-calibrated replacement cells that can be changed in minutes.

The Integrity 10™ houses all control electronics in a front pod. This pod can be quickly removed and replaced if required.

Amigo Registered Users

When you purchase an Amigo system you will receive a members password which gives you access to the on-line community area of Once logged in, you can enjoy free downloads of the latest Amigo updates for the version you have purchased; User Guide downloads, and a full parts list with your local currency prices.