For the process chemist, solving process problems early is becoming increasingly important. More demanding project timelines cannot be met at the expense of quality. Parallel chemistry is now providing a way to progress projects quickly and thoroughly, and to help minimise the chances of suffering expensive surprises in later development.

Ten individually controlled reactors for total experimental freedom

  • Excellent access to reaction variables and precise reactor control make Amigo an invaluable tool to execute DoE protocols.
  • Ideal for process screening and optimization. Progress different boiling point solvents at reflux simultaneously.
  • Once a process has been optimized, Amigo can be used to confirm robustness to help minimize the possibility of production failures.
  • Reaction volumes as small as 0.25ml and up to 20ml mean that extensive studies can be completed without consuming large amounts of expensive starting materials.

Explore more experimental factors – fast! Solvents, Reagents, Catalysts, Temperature, Stoichiometry, etc.

The Integrity 10™ reactor block offers a wide temperature range and powerful magnetic stirring. The block technology, in combination with our efficient reflux and inerting manifold has been proven with a wide range of chemistries including the following:

Reaction type Comments
Pd catalysed coupling Air/water sensitive
Michael addition Air sensitive
N-Alkylation Aggressive reagents
Desilylation Aggressive reagents
Lewis acids (TiCl4) Aggressive reagents, Air/water sensitive
Strong bases BuLi, LDA Aggressive reagents, Air/water sensitive
Cyclisation Homogeneous
Aromatisation Homogeneous
Grignards Aggressive reagents, Air/water sensitive
Reduction and oxidation Heterogeneous
Hydrogenation Caution