The Integrity 10™ reactor block supersedes the very successful model RS10 (over 400 units installed world-wide).

The new unit incorporates a huge wealth of user experience into an enhanced design. Enhancements include refined temperature control and improved reliability via the removal of the reactor cells from the electronics compartment.

A new touch screen control option has been added so that chemists can use the block manually without the need for a PC.

  • 10 completely independent studies run in parallel accelerates process understanding and improves decision making going forward.
  • Small (0.25 – 20ml) reaction volumes preserves precious starting materials.
  • Significant reduction in cost per experiment versus classical reaction apparatus.
  • Powerful stirrer drives designed to address a wide range of viscosities.
  • Accurate and precise temperature control is achieved using peltier technology.

Linear Ramping and zero Temperature cross-talk

Integrity 10™ specification

Attribute Value
Number of positions 10
Cell cavity diameter 25.5 mm
Glass vessel fill level 250ul - 25 ml
Temperature Range -30 to 150 °C
Max. temperature difference between adjacent cells 180 °C
Maximum temperature overshoot < 0.5 °C
Min. controlled temperature ramp rate 0.1 °C/min
Max. controlled temperature ramp rate 5 °C/min
Stir speed range 350 - 1200rpm
Viscosity capacity Glycerine at 25 °C
Recommended stir bar AZS4235 10 pack - 12 x 4.5mm (cylindrical) AZS4026 10 pack - 10 x 6mm (oval)
Measured temperature range -40 to + 160 °C
Temperature resolution 0.01 °C
Temperature accuracy 0.5 °C
Stir speed resolution 1rpm
Stir speed accuracy 10rpm

For Manual Applications using the Integrity 10™, please visit the Electrothermal website.