Automated Reactor Sampling

Past process monitoring workstations have, in general, been too large, expensive and difficult to use. Amigo Chem Ltd. has extensively researched these issues, embracing the experiences of those Pharmaceutical companies who have purchased a variety of workstation products over the past ten years.

Amigo automatically controls temperature and stirring of 10 parallel reactors. The data that can be generated in a single run is significant, enabling many important factors to be identified quickly and researched further.

Amigo recognizes that your time and materials are precious.

No longer compromise your studies due to taking too few samples. Consider the data shown below. Which reaction do you believe performs best?

Click the diagram to find out.

Manual Samples taken at t=0 and 5hrs
7 samples taken automatically throughout the reaction by Amigo

This data demonstrates how easy it would be to overlook the yellow reaction when fewer samples are taken.

  • Amigo also allows the chemist to focus sampling activity to where it is most useful. The “Increasing interval” mode is ideal for fast reactions where early sampling is key. “Decreasing interval” mode is best for end point determinations.
  • “Manual interval” mode is available for the user who wishes to sample at pre-defined times.
  • Though Amigo can take ~100 unattended samples from your 10 reactions, you are not obliged to analyze them all. Why not cherry pick for analysis only the samples from reactions that look promising?

Benefits to analyzing off-line

  • Simplify your experimental set up – there is less to go wrong (fact!).
  • Avoid tying up your HPLC system for long reaction times.
  • Reduce costly mobile phase wastage experienced with on-line HPLC.
  • Free your HPLC hardware to be used elsewhere.
  • Attention all Agilent 1100 and 1200 Users! (see above).
  • Use your favourite HPLC brand – Amigo can work with any HPLC system.

If you prefer on-line analysis, the Amigo On-line HPLC software module is coming soon!