Reaction Vessels

Reactor Tube Options for Extended Amigo Application

Amigo offers 3 reactor vessel options that screw directly into the reflux and inerting cap.

Low Running Costs

To keep running costs to a minimum Amigo uses standard 25mm diameter tubes.

The “Amigo Classic tube” supports reaction volumes of 4ml to 20ml and can be supported by the standard tube.

Low Volume Reactor tube

Ideal when starting materials are scarce/expensive.

Simply insert, by hand, an aluminium adapter sleeve into the Integrity 10™ block. Amigo is now ready to receive a low volume reactor tube offering a working volume of 0.25 to 4ml. The aluminium sleeve can be removed by hand without the need for any tools.

Novel Dean & Stark Reactor tube

Amigo supports azeotroping reactions by the use of a cooled circular trough that is able to retain approximately 1ml of condensate.

Automated sampling is possible at all times.