Solubility Testing

The Amigo ST (Solubility Tester) application module is designed to make equilibrium solubility determinations across a range of conditions enabling entire solubility curves to be generated automatically. The Integrity 10™ reactor block provides the precise individual temperature control essential for the generation of quality solubility data. Measurements are made using a novel spring loaded seal and filter located in each study vessel.

Preparing the Study does not require accurate measurement of solid and solvent. Simply prepare a turbid mixture and insert the vessel into the reactor block.

The equilibrated slurry is sampled and diluted prior to injection to HPLC. The slurry can then be taken to a new temperature for further analysis so that an entire solubility curve can be generated from a single study vessel. (See Amigo ST in action for data).

Amigo ST also harnesses the power of HPLC separation and diode array detection offering valuable information about the solubility of impurities and degradants in addition to the data generated for the main drug/compound of interest.